How To Create A Great Breakfast

Out of all the meals of the day breakfast is probably going to be my favorite. In fact, there are going to be times when I have breakfast for dinner. When we look at breakfast, we want to make sure that everything tastes good. One of the best ways to do this is with breakfast sausage seasoning and an assortment of other spices.

What are the best things to have for breakfast?

·    Waffles

·    Breakfast sausage

·    Eggs

·    Home fries (potatoes) with onions, peppers, and cheese

·    Hash browns – potatoes and onions cooked together in the same pan.  (hash browns are often served as a side dish for breakfast or dinner)

·    Buttermilk pancakes (came from New England)

·    Toast- English muffin, bagel, French toast (homemade or store bought) Pancakes and waffles are probably the most common breakfast foods. But if you really want to make your breakfast stand out try these other ideas.  The great thing about a simple breakfast is that it can be very easy for kids to prepare.

breakfast sausage seasoning

What flavors go with breakfast?

We want to make sure that our seasoning blends are very compatible.  I have a friend that always wanted to be a chef and he cooked a lot of dishes that were too spicy for anyone to eat.   When we cook any dish we want it to taste good all the way through. We never want to have a bite that tastes too hot or too cold.  We want the food to be able to bring out that inner chef inside of us.

In general, we want our dishes to taste sweet, salty, and spicy all at once.  When you look at breakfast food it is great because many of these ingredients are already there.  For instance, sausage is always sweet because it contains sugar, and it can have a bite to it if you have ground peppers or other ingredients as it is made.